Why do we carry out Meshing ?

Meshing in FEA / CAE is the process of discretizing the CAD model in finite elements to perform the CAE analysis.   

The main reasons behind meshing a cad model are

1. CAD Geometry will be having infinite degrees of freedom.

All Cad models with different shapes will be having infinite degrees of freedom and is not possible to apply the FEA formulas and principles on the  these shapes 

2. FEA - CAE solvers are not capable.

     As of today no CAE solvers  exists in the market which can solve infinite degrees of freedom and are all works on the FEA.  Which means they are designed to calculate the values between nodes and elements.

These are the main reason behind converting infinite dof of CAD model into finite dof FEA model. 

This applies for all CAE related analysis. 

In the future there are chance that solvers can solve CAD models directly. if this happens then there will be no need of  meshing.