What is performance Testing

The process of gauging the quality or capability of the product or application or APIs. Object of conducting performance testing is to evaluate user experience in realistic scenarios on any of the business application.

Application performance testing. (Be Agile - Don’t wait till the end)

 Performance testing performed to determine the application responsiveness and stability under various Vusers load on business application. Performance testing gauges the quality aspects of the application, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage. 

Performance testing steps 

1. Identify the Test Environment:-The hardware, software, and network configurations etc.. 2. Identify Performance Acceptance Criteria: Understand Client expectations in terms of Response times and throughput etc.. 3. Plan and Design Tests : Identify CBTs or key scenarios and determine load simulation process 4. Configure the Test Environment Ensure that the test environment is instrumented for resource monitoring as necessary. 5. Implement the Test Design: Develop the performance tests in accordance with the test design best practice. 6. Execute the Test: Run and monitor your tests. Validate the tests, test data, and results collection. 7. Analyze Results, Report, and Retest Consolidate performance test results and share results & observations