Interview Questions for CAD

1. Give any 2 (or what are the) functions of UTILITY?

2. What is "INTERFER"?

3. If given die direction, how will you check minimum draft angle in the SURF (surface) model?

4. What are Class "A" Surfaces?

5. What is the difference between a "*role" file and a "*save" file?

6. What is the "FTRCLASS" command?

7. Which module is used for surfacing with history in CATIA?

8. What is a "Layer"? What is the use of it? And how do you create Layers?

9. What is the save extension of sketcher file?

10. Does CATIA V5 work on UNIX Platform?

11. Is it possible to increase the size of plane boundary representation & how?

12. Is It Possible to directly enter in to Sketcher Workbench?

13. Can data model history be exported between 2 different CAD systems?

14. Which is the tool used to exit from sketcher workbench to part design Workbench?

15. What is use of construction elements?

16. What are the default units of LMT (Length, Mass and Time)?

17. What is SKETCH TOOLS in sketcher work bench & Explain the Importantance of it?

18. How do you measure arc length?

19. What is SHOW/HIDE option?

20. What is the use of Cut Part by Sketch Plane?

21. What is the meaning of true dimension?

22. What do you mean by ISO-Constraints?

23. Mention the colour code of ISO-constrained, under, and over con strained elements?

24. What for animated constraint command is used?

25. How many dimensions are required to constrain the ellipse?

26. What are different conic sections?

27. What is RHO value for ellipse, Parabola and hyperbola?

28. What is the meaning of mean dimension?

29. What is NURBS?

30. How many types of Co-ordinate systems are there?

31. What are project 3D silhouette edges?

32. What is use of sketch analysis?

33. Where do we use axis?

34. Can we redefine the sketches?

35. Can axis be converted into line or vice versa?

36. How many axis can be created in a single sketch?

37. How do we change, sketch's reference plane?

38. What is the function of mirror command in sketch?

39. If I donor want the relation b/w original and mirrored elements what should I do?

40. What is the use of isolate in sketcher workbench?

41. Can we select non-planer surf ace as sketch plane?

42. What do CATIA P1, CATIA P2 AND CATIA P3 mean?

43. What is kernel?

44. What is the kernel of CATIA?

45. Is it possible to directly enter the part design workbench, when we start the CATIA

session, instead of assembly design workbench?

46. What is the importance of sketch tools?

47. How many degrees of freedom are there for points, lines, circles & ellipse in 2 dimensions?

48. How many types of environment are available to start CATIA?

49. What is hlr & nhr? What is their purpose?

50. What are Master W/S and Detail W/S?